Top Benefits of Composting Food and Kitchen Organic Waste

5 min readApr 4, 2021
organic waste composting machine

Composting food and organic waste helps the environment and the kitchen. If you are wondering what food composting is and how it’s going to help you around your house, here’s ten benefits to look forward to.

Food And Organic waste composting has gained momentum in the last decade as a means to look after the ecosystem we live in. So before you throw out your leftovers, think how they can help the soil in your garden and mother earth at large. Let’s discuss the top ten benefits of food and organic waste composting

Save those extra Rupees : Yes, Composting saves money and environment. Chances are, you would feel more like Superman saving Earth and its environment, all the while staying in your pajamas. From getting to buy high quality manure for your garden and home plants, to being charged by the municipality for waste tax, composting helps in waste management and working as a natural manure for all your garden needs.

Take the first step towards Energy efficiency : Global warming and its adverse effects are a constant topic of discussion around the globe. With scientists researching the after effect of the carbon footprints left by us round the clock, energy efficiency is the only way out to sustain the planet. Composting requires less energy. Compost your food and organic waste to do your bit for the environment.

Lesser greenhouse gas emissions: Greenhouse Gas or CO² emissions are the top reason the sea level is increasing. This is also resulting in the disappearing polar ice caps . While post lockdown has resulted in restoring the ozone layer, but the risk of running into the same problem still remains, if we fail to be aware of our present state. Good news! composting helps considerably with reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduce Landfill waste: Remember the last time you passed a trashcan or a garbage bin by the road? The god awful smell is nothing to reminisce about. The majority of the waste in the dumpster consists of food and organic waste. The process of decomposition gives rise to the smell. Hence, instead of getting rid of all the waste, compost it, for it reduces landfill waste and no bad odour is just the bonus.

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Enough with scientific jargons, let’s see how composting helps you in little ways. And how you too can become an environment conscious citizen while looking at the bigger picture and enjoying the happiness composting brings in small boxes

Goodbye garden pests: Composting acts as natural pesticide sans the harmful effects of chemical pesticides we get in market. Say Goodbye to garden pests with natural pesticide.

Breathing better air: Who knew the sabzi from last night will help in breathing cleaner and better air ? Yes, composting the food waste in your kitchen will help you in improving the quality of the air you inhale.

Soil Nourishment: Attention Plant moms and dads! Composting helps nourish the soil for your green ones with nutrients and at the same time neutralizes the soil of its acidic conditions. Better soil equals healthier and greener plants. Take this secret and let it be your gospel of green.

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Say yes to Greens: Give back to mother nature, the greener our earth is,the safer it is from the adverse effects of global warming.Composting helps you raise your green thumb by providing the plants around us a better way to grow.

Helps with biodiversity: If you have read till now, we are sure you are a nature lover and want to help the environment in the long run. But did you know that composting which results in better soil and healthier plants, also helps with biodiversity? It does so by attracting various kinds of birds,rodents,insects, bacteria and fungi.

Sustainability: Sustainability is something every industry seems to be stressing on in their campaign these days. Whether it’s your favourite chic fashion brand or the fast food chain of your choice. But Sustainability isn’t just supporting the brands but practising it yourself and encouraging others to do the same. Eco friendly measures like recycling and composting food and organic waste we can create a better earth for everyone.

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