Things to keep in mind while using a Food Waste Disposer

4 min readJul 5, 2021


Food Waste Disposers are becoming a regular in almost every kitchen in India. Chances are, if you wish to do your bit towards the environment, it’s great to install one in your sink. Food Waste Disposers are installed in kitchen sinks and are great for segregating waste and keeping the pipes from clean. They are also beneficial for maintaining a clean drainage system at home. For more tips on what to keep in mind before buying your first Food Waste Disposer, check out our article here —

After you have picked one, now it’s time to update yourself on how to maintain your Food Waste Disposer.

Power requirements :

Ensure a steady and reliable supply of electricity for the food waste disposer to work. Doing so will help a smooth functioning of the garbage disposer. They require minimal electricity supply and even though they give the impression of being power hungry, studies have shown otherwise. Results showed food waste disposers feature greater net benefits and are extremely sustainable. Make sure the food waste disposer is connected to the electricity supply channel to work its magic in the kitchen. Remember the key points below:
● There should be an electric plug point of 5 amp below your sink.
● The size of the sink hole should be between 85–90 mm.
● The sink hole must be circle in shape and not a square.

Waterflow :

Garbage disposals require a stable water connection as well. And much like its power requirements, the water requirement is equally important. Water helps in channeling the food to pass through the disposer and is thus crucial. However while using water, keep in mind that cold water is a garbage disposer’s best companion. While hot water melts food , it can leave behind a slimy layer of food particles clinging to the inner chambers. Cold water on the other hand hardens the food particles making sure the garbage disposal grinds them well before passing it on
to the sewer system.

Wastewater Structure :

Food waste disposers shred food particles into granules. They are so small that they are even tinier than fecal matters, hence, traditional wastewater structure at most Indian homes is capable of carrying the load of the food waste granules and doesn’t require any major infrastructure change. Keep in mind, while using a Food waste disposer, paying attention to these first three key requirements is absolutely necessary.

Check ups every 2–3 months :

This might seem like a no-brainer, but regular check ups are good for your food waste disposer. In case of any leakage, always let the company know, immediately. Remember that these works require professional experts and must be handled a particular way.

Regularity is key :

Like any other machine, food waste disposers require regular usage. It’s advisable to use the food waste disposer regularly instead of using it occasionally. The reason behind this tip is the added risk of rust build up, freezing up
of the machine parts, corrosion and hardened food leftovers affect the overall functionality and longevity of the food waste disposer. If there’s no food to grind, make sure to turn on the tap and run water once every few days.

Leaving the tap open :

This might sound blasphemous but hear us out. After the waste processing is done, remember to leave the tap open for a couple of moments to make sure the grinded up waste has been all flushed out. The running water
ensures that there’s no to minimal leftover stuck in the food waste disposer and everything has been flushed into the drain pipes

Small pieces go a long way :

Last but not the least, always cut down food particles into smaller pieces before passing down any food waste. A little care goes a long way. Meanwhile, passing down big chunks of food waste damages, clogs and jams the food waste disposer altogether. This also runs a high risk of breaking the disposer.

Cleaning :

Cleaning your food waste disposer is easy and it’s better to do so every couple of months. Pouring lemon pieces, ice cubes, vinegar and vim liquid down the food waste disposer helps it with staying clean. This practice in term enhances the longevity of your waste disposer.

These eight points were some of the things to keep in mind while using your food waste disposers and doing your bit for the environment. Follow our blog for more such informative articles




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