Things to consider while choosing a linear shower drain

3 min readMay 27, 2021

Shower and self care goes hand in hand. So do shower drains and showers. Hence, before you perform your self care ritual to relax your mind and body, let’s take a look at how linear shower drains can be that cherry on the top for a good showering experience. Shower drains, any shape or size are highly efficient to keep the bathroom floor dry and clean. Linear ones add a dash of style to your otherwise wet bathroom floor. Here are a few factors to keep in mind before purchasing linear shower drains.

How Linear shower drains saves time and money:

Did you know that linear floor drains are best at saving you any extra bucks and are quick to install compared to regular or traditional pipes? Well good news, they are. Unlike previous drains, which required about eight to ten hours of installation period, linear showers today only take an hour at most. Below is a list of factors you would find extremely useful while buying shower drains

New construction or Renovation projects:

First decide, whether your bathroom is part of a new construction or a renovation project. Here in India most of the old households usually don’t feature linear shower drain. Thus, chances are these bathroom floor drains are a part of a renovation project at home. For renovation projects it is advisable to buy shower drains with low installation depth. Take a mental note of going through the dimension details and ask the seller in advance before making a decision. On the contrary, if your linear shower drains are a part of a new construction, the installation depth is hardly an issue. For this reason alone, all shower drain models are suitable.

Installation process:

So you have decided which category your drain installation falls in, now it’s time to research the actual installation procedure of the shower drain model you have chosen. While doing so, its best to opt for an option which requires easy installation. The reason behind this suggestion is, if the process is hard or complicated on its own, then it leaves behind chances of poor handling and added costs of hiring extra hands for the whole process.

Selecting location for the drains:

Deciding on where you want to place your shower drain is another consideration. Linear shower drains are versatile and can be placed both on ‘wall to wall’ or ‘free on the floor’. Keep in mind that proper sloping is needed for ‘free on the floor’. Discuss everything with your plumber or service provider before settling with any one option.

Bathroom Flooring:

Before proceeding with any option, and deciding on any linear shower drain, make sure to take note of your bathroom flooring. Tile thickness, vinyl, thin flooring i,e cast flooring or glass mosaic all have their own technicalities. Make sure to tick all the boxes beforehand.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Linear Shower drains nowadays come with advanced technology and are made sure to clog less and provide the best of draining service. However they do need maintenance checks from time to time. It is advisable to contact a professional plumber to check the drains once in a while. After all hair and small fibrous particles do run a high risk of blocking the drain and hindering the water flow. Most linear floor drains are easy maintenance and once you get
habituated with the whole process, it won’t be much of a herculean task.

Pricing Of Floor Drains

Going through tones of catalogues and browsing through a lot of options will be a mountain of a task to get done. However, if you decide and plan a budget. The whole process will be much easier to get through. Here at BinCrusher, there’s a variety of affordable and state of the art linear shower drains to choose from.

Some afterwords

Deciding on a shower drain and the process of buying and getting it installed requires a bit of planning. A little thought goes a long way. So our advice is, carefully plan, take note and then step into the world of linear shower drains. We assure you the best of experience and dry shower floor for years to come.




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