7 Easy Ways to Effectively Use Your Finished Compost

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So the composting in your bin is completed? and you are wondering what to do with the finished compost? Look no further, this article here will help you with that. Finished compost is full of nutrients and micronutrients for harvesting and gardening, and looks like crumbly dark soil. It is called black gold for a reason. Finished compost also tends to have a very earthly smell, somewhat comparable to wet soil after rain. Another thing to keep in mind is, finished compost isn’t as warm , if your compost is warm that means the process is still on and will take some time before it gets ready. Here are 7 ways you can use your finished composts

1) Mulching all the way :

Finished compost acts as an excellent mulch for plants and
is extremely beneficial for garden harvest. While applying, layer it in about 3–6 inches. Mulching helps with preventing weed growth, and warding off insects. Rich in multi nutrients, mulching also works to entrap moisture and prevents the topsoil from erosion and becoming dry. Beside it all, it also promotes healthy soil temperature and soil compacting. Finished composts are excellent mulching options.

2) Compost Tea-bag :

The goodness of Finished composts helps in nurturing your green friends. If you have ever wished for the nutrient rich finished composts to reach directly to the roots of your plants, it’s a good idea to brew compost tea. Compost tea also helps by increasing the population of mycorrhizal fungi and predatory nematodes, which work as a shield for plants against harmful microorganisms. Even though compost tea is kind of a misnomer, and its fermentation process is closer to that of beer, here’s how to brew it. put your composts in a sock or sack, and drench it
in dechlorinated water and leave for 12–36 hours to sit and voila, your tea is ready. Avoid chlorine, as it kills bacteria and fungi.

3) Use as a top dress for your soil :

Topping your soil with finished compost during any season, helps in promoting healthy soil balance and enriches the soil with helpful minerals. However, this is best suited for mature lawns,i,e lawns with soil which have
seen a considerable number of harvest cycles or birth cycles. It infuses the soil with nitrogen and potassium, two highly beneficial nutritious compounds for plants. While dressing the lawn, spread evenly and be careful not to scorch any newly bedded seeds.

4) Planting during Fall season :

The Fall season or which is commonly known as autumn in India, is regarded as one of the best seasons for harvesting. As fall is closely followed by spring soon after it is the best time to plan and plant your garden
greens. Place the finished compost on to the soil and till all season , until you deem it to be ready for bedding the seeds. While tilling, make sure to first evenly spread the finished compost in equal layers. The tilling helps in mixing the soil with the finished compost and promotes better soil management

SE 501

Capacity: 25–50KG


SE 1001

Capacity: 75–100KG


SE 2501

Capacity: 125–200KG


5) Placing it around Tree roots :

Finished composts around tree roots help in protecting the root system. While applying, make sure to only apply around the roots, at least as close as it is possible. Finished composts entraps moisture and prevents excessive evaporation, maintains soil temperature.

6) Growing fruits and vegetables :

Vegetables like melons ,tomatoes , cucumber and squashes thrive directly on finished compost. These vegetables and fruits need high amounts of nitrogen to grow, Finished Organic Waste Compost is super rich in nitrogen and is regarded as crucial while growing these vegetables. While planting, adding compost to the planting holes works wonders. What’s better than home grown vegetables and fruits to add to your diet.

7) DIY Potting soil mix :

Finished composts can be an excellent addition to homemade
potting soil. There are various methods to create your own DIY soil mixes here’s one. Mix one part of peat moss or mature compost, with one part of garden loam or the garden topsoil and one part of clean builder’s sand. This soil mix is especially good for container plants, such as hanging plants around the balcony or the bedside potted one inside the house.

SE 3501

Capacity: 350–375KG


SE 5001

Capacity: 400–500KG



Capacity: 1000KG


Finished compost is tremendously helpful for plants and soil alike. These were just some of the few uses on what to do with your finished compost.

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